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BIOGRAPHY when asked who is older between him and his fraternal twin, salinger, or sal to most, claims he chilled out in his mother's womb and allowed fitz to leave first. he remained in the womb, contemplating the complexities of life and what was to come in this human world. just by seven minutes, he became the younger twin in the greene clan, one that already included an older sister, christie (3.5 years older). technically the youngest in the family by a short few minutes, sal certainly grew up acting like the youngest child. unlike his twin brother, he developed into a carefree child, the one who stayed out barefoot in the yard to flip over logs to find what creatures made a home below. he sought out the life of freedom of open spaces and possibilities, a child with wanderlust. this was in sharp contrast to the homely lifestyle of his parents, bookish fan as evident by the literary names of their children (salinger was named after j.d. salinger). he often took in wild animals as pets, keeping them until he felt it was time for them to reenter the environment. sal was and continues to be the dreamer in the family, the one with the imaginative mind that often keeps him from staying on this world's frequency and dimension.

sal was initially thrilled when his father informed the family that they were leaving perth, australia for the states. however, the expectations of relocating did not meet reality once landing in costa mesa. at the age of 11, it proved more difficult than he imagined. cultural barriers, lifestyles, and his own quirks prevented him from the experience he originally wanted. the struggle to adjust carried on for a few weeks before he found his footing in orange county. that experience of moving countries taught him the true essence of adaptation, a skill he strives to further develop.

to this day, sal remains a proponent of animal rights, environmentalism and ecology. now a college undergrad at the uci, he's found his footing, a great group of friends who respect his need for isolation when he wants to connect to the earth, professors he can gel well with, and a major (environmental science) that he has an undying passion for. he doesn't always have his priorities set out straight, working on his own schedule that conflicts with the world's.

post-college, he's off to travel the world, find himself and if not, then get closer.

salinger beatty greene

sal, sally

22 / march 21, 1995

BIRTHPLACE: perth, australia

CURRENTLY: south america


OCCUPATION college grad, seeking purpose in life
FAMILY olive anderson-greene (mother)
patrick greene (father)
christie greene (older sister)
fitzgerald greene (fraternal twin brother)

height: 6'0

hair: dark blond

eyes: green

handedness: right

tattoos: a set of tally marks and a heart on his wrists and a condor on his neck


→ became an american citizen at 18 and maintains dual citizenship with australia.


→ practices yoga and meditation at least four times a week. he's starting to get into tai chi. he tries to stay as zen as possible, but it's difficult with other factors of life, but he's practicing on it.

→ plays the drums (started at 6), guitar (at 8), and piano (at 4)

→ a vegan since june 2014, and a vegetarian prior for eight years (since 11).

→ has extreme wanderlust and traveled to denmark, sweden, mexico, canada, thailand, the bahamas, indonesia, greece, the uk, france, italy, spain, sweden, new zealand, and spain.

→ he was taught carpentry and woodworking by his maternal grandfather. this developed into a passion for carving wood sculptures, which is his main hobby. he's branching out to glassblowing and ceramics.

→ in addition, he enjoys painting and making art out of recyclables and nature-based items. he always has at least two projects going on at the same time.

→ he is often the last to jump on bandwagons, especially social media. technology isn't always kind to him. living off the grid is a dream of his.

→ cracks horrible puns and will likely grow up to be that kind of dad, if he chooses to have children.

likes: animals, botany, nature, astronomy, yoga, meditation, the walking dead, game of thrones, hiking, herping, human rights equality, conservation, the cure, the smiths, tame impala, 60s-80s rock, blanket forts, recycled art, bouldering, guerrilla grafting, wood carving and sculptures.

dislikes: peanuts because they'll kill him as he's deathly allergic, litterbugs, nosy and intrusive people, close-minded people, caps lock and abusing exclamation marks.

current pet roster
→ two leopard geckos (leo and dottie)

→ a bearded dragon (captain)

→ a syrian hamster (hamlet)

→ a corn snake (cornelius)

→ a chilean rose tarantula (chilly)

→ a crested gecko (presto)

→ a green anole (enola)

→ a blue-tongued skink (gene simmons)

→ eleven rummy-nosed tetras (alpha, beta, delta, epilson, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu)