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Jared Michael Hucke-Jansen (born November 20, 1987), known professionally as Jared Hucke, is a Canadian actor. He is best known for his roles as J.T. Yorke on Degrassi: The Next Generation and as Julian Randol on Continuum. He is currently playing John Murphy on The 100.

Early Life
Hucke was born in Vancouver, British Columbia to Sharon Martel (née Hucke), a film and television production designer, and Peter Jansen, a talent agent. His parents never married. As a result, he spent his childhood living with his mother in Vancouver during the school year and with his father in Toronto during summers and holidays. He has two younger half-sisters: Julia, from his mother's marriage to Eugene Martel, and Melanie, from his father's marriage to Lucille Jansen (née Chouinard).

After finishing elementary school, Hucke moved to Toronto, where he attended Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. He studied drama and graduated in 2005.

Hucke began acting at a young age. He started in commercials, then quickly moved on to small roles on screen and in animation. Some of his early credits include guest roles on the hit shows The Outer Limits, So Weird, and Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and the English dubs of the anime series Ranma 1/2 and Ronin Warriors.

Hucke moved to Toronto in 2000 to live with his father and complete his secondary school education. There, he learned about auditions for Degrassi: The Next Generation. He eventually won the role of J.T. Yorke, a 12-year-old class clown at the beginning of the series. The teen drama, which is part of the Degrassi franchise, became hugely successful. Hucke appeared in 83 episodes during seasons 1-6. While working on Degrassi, he also had guest roles on Smallville and Life with Derek.

In 2007, Hucke's last appearance as a Degrassi regular aired. His departure was a notable one as it marked the first time the series killed off a regular character. Hucke has stated that while this was purely a writers' and producers' decision, he had been contemplating leaving the show to focus on school. At the time of filming his last season, he had just finished his first year as a theatre major at York University. He also explained that the writers knew they wanted to explore a stabbing and the death of a character. Therefore, he ultimately had no say in whether or not J.T. would survive to open up opportunities of a possible return. However, he understood their decision and looks back on his experience on the show as being extremely important and formative for his career.

Following his time on Degrassi, Hucke continued to act. While he was still in university, this was in a limited capacity with his only projects being a small role in Jennifer's Body, more guest appearances on Smallville, and a Degrassi short in which he played the ghost of J.T. Yorke. After finishing university in 2009, he once again relocated to Vancouver and began acting more regularly. He starred in his first lead role in a film in Daydream Nation and has appeared in several successful films and television series, such as Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Scream 4, The Killing, and The Walking Dead. He also had guest roles on R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour and won the 2011 Leo Award for Best Performance in a Youth or Children's Program or Series for his performance in the episode "Nightmare Inn".

In 2012, Hucke was cast in the Showcase science fiction series Continuum as Julian Randol, the troubled stepbrother of young tech genius Alec Sadler. He won the 2013 Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series for his performance in the episode "Family Time". In December of 2014, the show was renewed for a shortened final season, set to air on July 26th, 2015. Hucke is expected to reprise his role.

Hucke currently stars on The CW's post-apocalyptic drama series The 100 as teen criminal John Murphy. On March 11, 2015, it was announced that he had been promoted from recurring guest star to series regular for the show's third season.

Final Girl (2015)    ... Nelson The Age of Adaline (2015)    ... Tony The 100 (TV Series) (2014- )    ... John Murphy (20 episodes, 2014-2015) Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever (TV Movie) (2014)    ... Gill Brockman Continuum (TV Series) (2012- )    ... Julian Randol (23 episodes, 2012-2014) Leap 4 Your Life (2013)    ... Matt The Walking Dead (TV Series) (2010- )    ... Zach (1 episode, 2013) Hannibal (TV Series) (2013- )    ... Nicholas Boyle (3 episodes, 2013) Ione James - I Knew You Were Trouble (Music Video) (2012)    ... Reeve Carney's role The Killing (TV Series) (2011- )    ... Alexi Giffords (5 episodes, 2012) Scream 4 (2011)    ... Robbie Mercer R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour (TV Series) (2011- )    ... Bobby / Caleb (2 episodes, 2011) Life Unexpected (TV Series) (2010-2011)    ... Sam Bradshaw (4 episodes, 2010-2011) Running Wilde (TV Series) (2010-2011)    ... Young Steve (1 episode, 2010) Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)    ... Crash Daydream Nation (2010)    ... Thurston Goldberg Jennifer's Body (2009)    ... Colin Gray Smallville (TV Series) (2001-2011)    ... Bart Allen / Impulse (3 episodes, 2004-2009) Degrassi: Minis (TV Series) (2005- )    ... J.T. Yorke (2 episodes, 2006-2009) Degrassi: The Next Generation (TV Series) (2001- )    ... J.T. Yorke (119 episodes, 2001-2007) Life with Derek (TV Series) (2005-2009)    ... Frank (1 episode, 2005) Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Tale of the Silver Sight (TV Movie) (2000)    ... Waif Kid Are You Afraid of the Dark? (TV Series) (1990-2000)    ... Waif Kid (3 episodes, 2000) So Weird (TV Series) (1999-2001)    ... Ghost Boy (1 episode, 1999) The Outer Limits (TV Series) (1995-2002)    ... Phillip / Jesse Venable / Andrew Rosman (3 episodes, 1995-1999) Sonic Christmas Blast (TV Movie) (1996)    ... Miles "Tails" Prower (voice) Ronin Warriors (TV Series) (1988-1989)    ... Yuli (voice, English dub) (30 episodes, 1995) Far from Home: The Adventures of Yellow Dog (1995)    ... Silas McCormick Ranma 1/2 (TV Series) (1989-1992)    ... Satori (voice, English dub) (1 episode, 1993) Liar, Liar: Between Father and Daughter (TV Movie) (1993)    ... Patrick Farrow
father stepmother half-sister mother stepfather half-sister Peter Jansen Lucille Jansen (née Chouinard) Melanie Jansen Sharon Martel (née Hucke) Eugene Martel Julia Martel

• Credited with his full surname, Hucke-Jansen, on all his projects prior to Degrassi. The desire to drop the Jansen part primarily came from people often incorrectly pronouncing it phonetically instead of using the Dutch pronunciation his family uses.

• Has a rather complicated family situation that he doesn't particularly like talking about, mainly because it's a time-consuming explanation. Essentially, his parents had him before they were married and truly ready to settle down, hence his double-barreled surname. After they failed to make it work, Jared stayed with his mother in Vancouver while his father moved back to his hometown of Toronto. Both of his parents eventually wound up marrying other people and each had a daughter. But despite his reluctance to share all the details, he actually (currently) gets along with all of them.

• Moved to Toronto in the summer of 2000 primarily because he only ever spent summers and holidays there and wanted to experience life with his father's side of the family. He wound up staying there up until graduating from university.

• Has tried to break out into more mainstream Hollywood but has thus far been largely unsuccessful. Often contemplates moving to Los Angeles more permanently to remedy this. Some roles he auditioned for but lost out on include Paulie Bleeker in Juno, Artie Abrams on Glee, Scott Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (in which he was given the role of Crash instead), and several YA film adaptations.

• Has continued to play teenagers for a majority of his post-Degrassi career. Secretly laments this greatly, especially because one of the only times he played his own age was in a TV movie about Grumpy Cat.

• Has also played an alarming amount of "psychotic" characters. Sometimes thinks he should be concerned but mostly isn't because he finds portraying them to be interesting, even when the role is a smaller one.

• Is well-aware that he had a leg-up in getting into the entertainment industry due to the fact that both of his parents work in it. At the time of his start, his mother worked in the art department of films and tv shows, and his father worked in PR. They've since worked their ways up to production designer and talent agent, respectively. Jared has refused to use their connections since he was old enough to understand their implications, but also realizes that people will have perceptions of him based on name anyway.

• Loves social media and has an online presence that was initially very well-crafted (by himself) to be completely ridiculous, but it's grown to just be part of who he is rather than an act.

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